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    3. fulude Biotechnology

      About Blbio


      Corporate Culture

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       · Who we are

            Providing customers with the full package of bioreactor technology  manufacturers and service providers, customers are leafy trees ---- we  are.
      Founded in 1996 Master of Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xianghui Chenzu Hua Tianjin University Biological Chemical
      2003 establishment of the Shanghai Engineering Co. 田舜生 Biotechnology Master of Software Engineering, University of East 李霞華
      2005 two companies merged fermentation engineering master's degree  in East China University of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai  Brilliance Lun Biological Gan Austrians
      Established in 2009, Lianyungang one hundred gallons Biochemical  Technology Co. (responsible for manufacturing and processing tanks) to  complete the transformation of shares, the Board set up
      2014 Shanghai Brilliance Oakland overall move to Shanghai Jiading,  and tank manufacturers equity replacement, upgrades to achieve  manufacturing
      We  offer a range of 0.1L-1000KL volume bioreactors, along with China's  dream is realized, our equipment is also to the world, for China's  bio-engineering equipment make our contribution to the world. Our products for Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and other countries and regions.

        · Our spirit

              Customer first, the pursuit of quality, equity, integrity, perseverance, continuous improvement and innovation to guide us ---- ---- transformation beyond the expectations of creating value for customers.


        · Our team

               Has over ten years of research and fermentation fermentation equipment manufacturing experience, young passion and firm conviction, courage to face the challenge, close unity, the courage to struggle, attention to detail, state determine success or failure.

        · Our goal

                  We have a long-term view of development ----- with integrity, mutual respect, empathy treat every one of our people and clients    Continue to improve our technical capabilities and brand influence ----- and have a positive impact to our customers
           Enhance our management tried to control ------
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