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    3. fulude Biotechnology

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      Company Profile

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             Shanghai Bailun Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Lun jiadinghua Ting  Liu Xiang Highway 6848, is located in the hinterland of the world's most  advanced manufacturing center, and Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. Shanghai  East Asia share manufacturing workshop is to provide complete sets of  the bioreactor (fermenter) manufacturing provides  technical service providers, product include bioreactors (fermenters),  animal cell bioreactor, the bioreactor shaker, stirred tank,  inactivation tank and bioreactor control systems. We have three manufacturing bases in Shanghai jiadinghua Pavilion,  Lianyungang and Yancheng, providing customers with quality products and  excellent service.

        · Fermenter Features Description

         The company in 2010 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification  and the European Union CE certification, the company's products in  strict accordance with international quality standard production.
         One hundred gallons with a large number of experienced fermentation  process, biochemical equipment and chemical engineers, and has a number  of well-known domestic experts and scholars as our technical advisers  to ensure that our products have a strong, stable technology base.
         Leading product innovation and technology is the core of our  products to ensure customers satisfaction is always the pursuit of  hundred gallons, its mission is to uphold the interests of customers  hundred Oakland company's core values
         Our  bioreactor is mainly used for E. coli, yeast, fungi, insect cells,  plant cells and animal cell culture, applications are medical vaccines,  animal vaccines, antibodies, microbial fermentation, cell tissue  engineering, stem cell culture, recombinant protein drug , antibiotics, enzymes and bio-fuels research laboratory and pilot level, but also as a production scale fermentor.
         Every  detail hundred gallons product embodies the principle of all for the  sake of customers, maximize the use of standard parts, equipment parts,  key parts consistent with European products, in order to ensure product  quality, while optimizing the pipeline, convenient operation,  maintenance, maintenance, reduce customer's cost.
         System is compact, attractive, less space; simplify manual operation, reduce workload, reduce operational accidents etc.
         Safe, simple, precise, reliable and durable is the principle we manufacture products.
         We  hope that our website provides not only for the company and product  information channels, but also a bridge to link the world and will soon  have in our products and services of interest to companies,  universities, research institutions and scientists, we are very willing  to hear from you to us product recommendations and requirements
         If you are on our products and services have any interest, especially in the details, please let us know
         If you want us to improve our products, we will attach great importance to your comments, please let us know
         With  your support, so that we become a subject of enterprise employees love  --- a high-quality, service-driven provider, so that we become a  sustainable business --- BLBIO